Kerrier District 3

Who says Techno Dads can only be about scratchy old rave records?

Here’s a new one for you. Mr Luke Vibert continues his Kerrier District electronical disco/housey gubbins with a four track EP on Soundofspeed that seems to be at least partly about revisiting old rave vocal samples and placing them in a feelgood setting ripe for summer dancing.

It opens with Needy Feelin’, a dad-friendly disco number (dad-friendly in the sense that even chubby middle aged ravers can dance at this plodding boogie speed), and features a sample I know from Bizarre Inc’s Such A Feeling 1991 chart rave tune. Not the best Bizarre Inc tune (that accolade would go to Playing With Knives of course), however using the sample in this new context is a clever move that I’m sure will be very effective on da floor as they say. It also helps that it has a lovely fat bassline.

The whole EP in fact features Vibert’s trademark classy sound – chunky and smooth…like chocolate. Or an expensive yoghurt. Highlight tune is Kiss My Bass which has one of those spanked Another One Bites The Dust basses on the beat that always do the disco damage, with an added big fat moog or something chunking it up even more…and the ‘Talk Talk Talk To Me’ vocal used by Altern8 continues the theme of repositioning well known samples.

But the most Techno Dads tune of all is the final track – the childishly titled ‘Dick’. Techno Dads like childishness – we still wear hoodies and trainers for God’s sake. It sounds like a chart rave house tune from 1992, featuring again some very recognisable rave vocal samples set to a chunky house beat. I’ll dad dance to that, no probs.

I was going to post a link to where you could buy this record but it seems it’s been snapped up and simply isnae available to purchase. Anywhere.

Oh, wrong. I just found it at Clone.

Go on make the exchange – cash for tunes. Remember how that used to work?

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