My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Weatherall Remix)

Last Friday’s Screamadelica-inspired 1991 nostalgiathon on BBC Four had me reaching for some old indie disco favourites. Mr Andrew Weatherall’s contributions to the doc were possibly my favourite bits. Back in 1990 when this was released, he was obviously on fire after ‘Loaded’ and the indie darlings of the day were queueing up to enlist his magic touch. Here’s the epic job he did on what was an already pretty tasty number from wall-of-noise shoegaze-kings My Bloody Valentine. Get it down yer fat pipe. I went to see My Bloody Valentine when they played Barrowlands recently. Big noise

The collection of 1991 Top Of The Pops clips that followed the Screamo doc was pretty patchy. The factoids that appeared on the screen felt like they were cobbled together by a researcher in their mid 20s who got all their info about the period from Wikipedia. It was a nice reminder though for those who look on the past through a nostalgia filter that there was just as much guff in the charts back then as there is now. However it did include KLF larking about, always a good thing. Nobody really larks about on TV now, not in the music business anyway.

DOWNLOAD: My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Andrew Weatherall Mix)

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2 Responses to My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Weatherall Remix)

  1. Kia F says:

    Yeah, I have this. Thank’s for the reminder. I’ll dig it out tomorrow and play it for the kids and have a merry old mosh 🙂

    I discovered Flowered Up’s Weekender Weatherall remix again the other day on the new-youTube and just had to find the lovely in the loft. Records all over the place! Up, down and up-side-down. Anyroad, well worth a shuffle!

    Be good, Kia

  2. Kia F says:

    Flowered Up’s Weekender…. Weatherall style..

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