Armando Iannucci – Home For Middle Aged Men

Long before Armando Iannucci did The Thick Of It, he had a very good sketch show on Channel 4 which almost nobody noticed. It was probably just too downbeat, clever and odd for most people. It’s all on Youtube though.

The most Techno Dads bit is the home for middle aged men. Only instead of an Abba tribute band, we’d have a chubby live PA from TTF.

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5 Responses to Armando Iannucci – Home For Middle Aged Men

  1. Harry says:

    nothing to do with any of this but very important….

  2. Harry says:

    well actually on retrospect, I´ll come clean, its got EVERYTHING to do with this…..

  3. Jerome Hill says:

    Ha ! Thanks for this.. Never saw it before ! Brilliant and a bit chilling !

    • Dr Bungo says:

      jerome, fancy doing a dadcast? can be quite a short mix…i prefer short and intense for a dadcast. could even be an edit of something you’ve already done…with a bit of dad chat thrown in

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