Dadcast 6: Ambient Dads

Hey you, you’re losing, you're losing your vitamin C

A real blast from the past, I decided to do an ‘ambient’ mix. I don’t mean ambient in the sense of whale sounds and new age crystal bothering, I mean in the good old fashioned sense of a chillout room like you used to find in early 90s clubs, where you would go to rest your body and twist your mind.

Apologies to Kris for the photo…it was just too perfect not to use, as it was taken in The Cooler at Edinburgh’s last ever Pure in 2006 – a proper chillout room that was the scene of many a unique experience.

EDIT: Maxed out the Soundcloud download limit so I’ve now stuck this on Mediafire.

MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD – Ambient Dads (320K version for the hi fi posse)


Klf – Justified And Ancient Seems A Long Time Ago
Beaumont Hannant – Mind Colours
Deelite – Trymeon (Plaid Remix)
Atom Tm – Excelban
Wevie Stonder – Autopilot
Ulf Lohmann – Before 01
Boards Of Canada – Olson
Blue Calx – Blue Calx
Burial – Forgive
Ulf Lohmann – Before 04
The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds (Live In Tokyo 1993)
The Orb ft Alan Parker Urban Warrior – Grey Monotonous Clouds
Burial – Forgive
Ulf Lohmann – Before 04
Barbarella – Barbarella (Irresistable Force Remix)
The Cinematic Orchestra – “And Relax!
Neu! – Leb Wohl
Freeform – Wonderplucks
The Octagon Man – Second Shape
Sand – Burning Man
John Fahey – Impressions Of Susan
KLF – Madrugada Eternal (Excerpt)
The Muppet Show – Statler and Waldorf Speak The Truth

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3 Responses to Dadcast 6: Ambient Dads

  1. Very nice tracklist… dling now. Thanks for posting… I dont’ have kids, but I’ve got cats… so I’m a dad too.

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  3. Dan says:

    Aah, the chillout room….where many a sincerely heartfelt – yet complete and utter garbage – conversation was held. A conversation that meant so much at the time and you thought it would stay with you forever….but thankfully it didn’t…because it was actually something like this:

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