Dadcast 8 – Acoustic Dads


Download only I’m afraid, until I sort out my hosting.

In honour of the great acoustic guitarist Bert Jansch, who died this week, we donned a cardigan and dug around in our collection for folky acoustic guitar type music.

It transpires that there’s quite a lot of good stuff there.

So as well as a couple of Bert’s most famous recordings, we have live tracks from John Fahey and Richie Havens, plus Jansch’s compadre Davy Graham; psychedelic prog folk from Roy Harper; our favourite Nick Drake tune; a bit of Ry Cooder’s Paris, Texas score (the soundtrack is the main reason why people love that film) – and because we are chronically unable to follow rules, even self-imposed ones, we finish with a truly jaw-dropping bit of harp-jazz from Alice Coltrane, followed by John Martyn’s epically somnolent Small Hours, which features an electric guitar.

AH BUT! the huge reverb you hear in that track was created by recording the sound of his amp blasting over a loch (you can even hear geese honking at points), making it one of the most resolutely acoustic effects ever committed to tape.



Bert Jansch – Reynardine
Richie Havens – Freedom (Live at Woodstock)
Davey Graham – She Moves Through The Fair
Roy Harper – One Man Rock and Roll Band
Nick Drake – Road
John Fahey – Funeral Song For Mississippi John Hurt (Live in Tasmania)
Bert Jansch – Angi
Davey Graham – Leaving Blues
Ry Cooder – She’s Leaving The Bank
Alice Coltrane – Journey
John Martyn – Small Hours

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  1. gilldavies says:

    Good tuneage, Dr Bungo!

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