Dad Trax: Genaside II – Narra Mine

Another example of the early breakbeat/jungle/reggae/rave/hiphop crossover, with a bit of wide-eyed ecstatic-idealism in the vocals, and some very dated but nice gated pads, this record from 1991 (that year again) has the distinction of containing the craziest rave MCing ever committed to vinyl.

He kicks in around the 4 minute mark after the tune drops to just bass.

Killerman Archer is his name. He is the angriest ragamuffin in history, and he just keeps getting angrier. He sounds like his head is going to explode by the end. Amazing.

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2 Responses to Dad Trax: Genaside II – Narra Mine

  1. Hahahahaha… that MCing os MENTAL!

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