Dad Chat: Paul Reset

As a recently anointed Techno Dad himself, DJ, producer, blogger, renowned beard wearer, label runner and all round electronic good egg Paul Reset has been doing the duties on the 1s and 2s for many years round The Hood. The Hood, meaning Glasgow. (Who on Earth calls Glasgow The Hood? Ed)

Although initially attracted only by the beard, we were well impressed by the quality of this, the latest mix featuring in a series of impressive beards, err I mean mixes. It sounds so utterly hi-fi, it makes us want to be a bit more careful with our own dodgy digital habits. And the tunes ain’t half bad either. Running the gamut from very new crispy stuff like Drums of Death and Minilogue, to Old Fart Rezerection posse favourites NJoi and Awesome 3.

Get it in your earholes over here: Paul Reset – Beardism 7.

So then we had a quick bit of Dad Chat while we were at it.

Techno Dads: Ok, beardism. Where is your beard at today?

Paul Reset: beard is in semi full flow at the moment cheers – I keep it to a nice 2 on the old trimmer

Techno Dads: do you find being a dad interferes with your beardy tendencies

Paul: totally – and with FIFA playing also

Techno Dads: Let’s get the Mumsnet questions out the way. what’s your favourite biscuit?

Paul: Toffypop, no question. biscuit, toffee and chocolate – what else do you need.

Techno Dads: any dad tips?

Paul: carry a pillow everywhere

Techno Dads: Top 3 dad dancing tunes?

Paul: DJ’s Unite – Volume 1, Rhythm Quest – Closer To All Your Dreams, Hue & Cry – Labour of Love

Techno Dads: You big cheeser! So you used to be a Drum n bass DJ – in the words of Blake Baxter – drum n bass – what happened?

Paul: I got older and the crowds got younger. And it got shiter

Techno Dads: ok – you’ve got a label and stuff give me your plugs.

Paul: check out – electronic music blog, label, radio show – all good shit! Loads more mixes from me at and I’ve also got another wee blog for randomness at

Techno Dads: cool. so you might be able to explain dubstep to us – what is it for?

Paul: these days – mostly for these people

Techno Dads: oof. OK semi serious question. Do you think the good old clubbing days really were better like all these old skool blogs/youtube comments would have you believe? or is it just rose-tinted nostalgia?

Paul: I think it’s mostly just nostalgia although people seem to be more concerned about taking photos, filming and tweeting from events these days, only need to watch the Boiler Room for 2 minutes to see that. No-one dancing, it’s like a bomb went off in a hipster factory.

Techno Dads: yes good point. i think there is something inherently wrong in desperately wanting to record everything on your little screen rather than just be in the moment, they are thinking about all the kudos theyll get on tweetbook, rather than just getting mashed up to the max.

Techno Dads: Some things are much better nowadays tho…do you think being able to find every tune you want instantly has a down side?

Paul: shit yeah. There’s no hunt and reward. Although I love the fact that MP3s take up no physical space especially with a bairn on the go…one downside of the whole thing which is also an upside I reckon is the ease of distribution.

Techno Dads: it’s great being able to find all those tunes. i remember getting eclipse tapes and having zero idea what records they were. and no way to find em.

Paul: yeah me too – was Helter Skelter tapes for me and the awesomeness of finding tunes you’ve been after for ages

Techno Dads: yeah – the underground cult thing has sort of disappeared. it sounds kinda elitist but its not just that – it’s also making tunes special. less disposable. And whats your feeling about free music – you been giving music away on your label.

Paul: it’s a complicated one really – I think it’s the best way for new producers to get their profile up quickly if done properly and also good for more established producers to give the odd tune away now and again as a wee thank you type thing. I can understand why some people are against it as they feel it devalues the material but I disagree. Some people are REALLY against it and I just don’t really understand why. People are gonna get their music for free anyway and there’s nothing they can really do about it so why not embrace it?

Techno Dads: I guess the thing that worries me is – if it gets really hard for a producer to pay bills – then they cant be a full time producer.

Paul: yeah and the whole “gigs pay the bills” thing only really works if you’re doing it full time, and of course it’s not every one that gets to that stage, but ya know – some of the best music to ever be released was made by people who were also holding down 4 jobs and with a lot of those kinda people, their music turned shite when they made it a full time job – they were more concerned about making money to survive so had to conform to certain things.

Techno Dads: solomon burke used to sell burgers at his gigs…

Paul: some new producers should try that. Screw the merch, gimme a slice of pizza.

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  1. Henry Wilson says:

    Re: Burgers and Pizza, Mr Scruff has the right idea selling Tea at his gigs

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