Dad Dancing: DJ Peter Hook

Hooky demonstrates the ‘pointing’ technique

Famous for pursing his lips while holding his bass guitar far too near the ground, and for having hair that looks like he is permanently driving a convertible at high speed, Hooky has recently transformed himself into the most embarrassing Dad in the world, for which we salute him. Most dads can only aspire to his epic level of dadness.

We’ll gloss over the possibility that he is playing a mix CD he got free with a magazine he bought at a Tesco garage. DJ skills are overrated.

This is what all Techno Dads look like when drunk. He even accidentally cuts the volume, but Hooky doesn’t care. He takes it in his stride like a true dad.

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5 Responses to Dad Dancing: DJ Peter Hook

  1. Matt says:

    DJ skills are overrated Absolutely, it can’t be said enough. What does a DJ do? Play a record, then play another record.

  2. gabberdad says:

    It’s also how you join those records together ,which records you play and in which order you play them. The above descibes a 1970’s wedding dj but not some of the dj’s iv’e heard over the years.

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