Dad Trax: JD Twitch – Is It All Over The Place?

The Paradise Garage yesterday

Quality bit of spanking new music, courtesy of Certified Dad Hero and (if you exclude ‘Tiger Tim’ Stevens) Scotland’s greatest DJ, Keith McIvor, aka JD Twitch, of Optimo and Pure fame. This is really a loose cover version of the Arthur Russell prog-disco classic, Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face? It would slip nicely into any mid tempo house set, but the minor key pad and piano motif is very reminiscent of early UK rave house – straight off the Pure dance floor, in other words. The tune gets a proper release on October 29th, by the way.

Talking of dance floors, there’s Colin with a tie on, there in the video, demonstrating an admirably loose-jointed style of Dad Dancing. We would need to be a bit careful about exhibiting that amount of spine-bending these days as we’d be liable to put our back out, so hats off. We last bumped into Colin pulling similar moves in a sweaty Glasgow basement with yet another Dad Hero, Andrew Weatherall, on the decks, who was displaying a massive beard at the time.

And talking of facial hair. There’s a lady with a moustache in there too. That’s another of our boxes ticked. If they’d got her smoking a cigar we’d be in Dad Heaven.

The video has been put together by one Guy Veale who has been looming on the edges (and sometimes in the middle) of this particular Dad’s entire raving career. He’s even in one of our favourite Dad Rock bands, the raucous Big Ned. Check them out, they totally rock. There’s Guy on the bass. They’ve got some new shit on the cards soon too.

Anyway, here Guy’s showing off his video making abilities using nothing more fancy than a Nokia bloody phone. Who would have thought that people would be using phones to make music videos? It’s the future.

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