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Dad Trax: Current Bangers

Some big bangers we’re currently rocking. This double 12″ features some pretty healthy bangers. Vinyl only I’m afraid, on Viewlexx sub-label Murder Capital. This is exactly the kind of evil freak electro that we could imagine getting caned in the … Continue reading

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Dad Trax: 10 Tunes with Pianos In

Pianos were the first synthesizer, in that even a moron with no musical ability can just monkey about and make nice noises. Here’s 10 big piano tunes, some of which will make dads cry. Many of them pretty obvious really. … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing: Belgian house doc in Flemish

This appears to be a Belgian news programme attempting to explain house and techno to the squares. Features 808 State, Jon Da Silva, Paul Oakenfold back when he used to play decent Frank De Wulf records – and featuring Frank … Continue reading

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Techno Dads Desert Island Discs

1. Grinderman – Love Bomb Starting off the list with something big and angry. And it mentions Woman’s Hour. 2. Wevie Stonder – Ton Wah Watch out. There’s a bollard. Yes Kirsty that’s right. A BOLLARD. Nice motor. 3. Lydia … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing: Goths

One of the big things from back before rave came along was goths. Goth was a response to advances in hairspray technology and the invention of snakebite. Here’s a reminder of how brilliant they were. Superb pathetic dancing in a Phoenix … Continue reading

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Dadcast: 6am Double Dunter

A mix dedicated to those special moments after 6AM when all the best parties really get going. – Heres the tracklist for the kind of folk who like that sort of thing. Plez – Can’t Stop [DMR Zone Miz] A … Continue reading

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Christmas Coffee Table Madness Mix

This is just like your average family Christmas, if your average family somehow ended up down the Berghain. The coffee table thing is the new dad living room headphone DJ style. Needs must. Tracklist – not much dadcore, mostly recent-ish … Continue reading

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Dad Tapes: Neil Landstrumm Live at House of God – 11/11/95

Great find from DJ Surgeon, in a dusty tape box…from Neil’s raw early distorted Chicago-influenced phase when he was releasing stuff on Peacefrog, distorted kicks, squeaky noises, always with killer drum fills and insane energy levels. For those that don’t … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing – The Shamen – Ebeneezer Goode

Taking a leaf out of the KLF’s book, The Shamen in 1992 decided to use the pop charts as a medium for having a bit of a lark. Nobody really does that any more, do they? Though the song itself … Continue reading

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Dad Chat: Live remixing is crap

Don’t today’s digital DJs drink beer? There’s no time for beer drinking if you are desperately pushing buttons like a digital muppet. Look at this numpty. Just because there is a button there doesn’t mean you have to push it. … Continue reading

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