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Dad Trax: JD Twitch – Is It All Over The Place?

Quality bit of spanking new music, courtesy of Certified Dad Hero and (if you exclude ‘Tiger Tim’ Stevens) Scotland’s greatest DJ, Keith McIvor, aka JD Twitch, of Optimo and Pure fame. This is really a loose cover version of the … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing: Scooter Rave

A group of young ruffians from the low countries doing their best to confuse the local neighbourhood watch. These kids are probably too young to be dads but they are certainly embarrassing. Sure beats looting though.

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Dad Trax: The Orb and Alan Parker Urban Warrior – Grey Clouds

What were the skies like when you were young? I dunno. Grey, monotonous. Simon Munnery is a clever and funny comedian. We saw his League Against Tedium show at the Edinburgh festival 10 years ago and laughed a lot. Here … Continue reading

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Dad Chat: sync or swim

We’ve heard a lot of talk around the interwebs along the lines of ‘a sync button is for morons’, often accompanied by sentiments like ‘vinyl is the only true way to listen to musics’ or ‘mp3s are for Nazis’, that … Continue reading

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Did you know we were once in the Guardian?

Ah those were the days. There’s little Gary Barlow embarrassing himself.

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Dadcast 12 – Dr Dempsey’s Acid Kitchen

Dempsey’s making dinner tonight, and he’s only got one ingredient: acid. Sitting in his hipster kitchen he takes an angry excursion through techno old and new, united by the silver beastie. He informs us he used Traktor, which for Dads … Continue reading

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Techno Dads Technical Rider

When you book Techno Dads for your event, here’s what we need from you. Technical Requirements One dirty 4 way adapter. Must have beer stains. 2x questionable Technics turntables that nobody has used for ages because everyone uses CDJs now. … Continue reading

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Dad’s Day: The Fall – Big New Prinz

Belated Dad’s Day ditty from certified Dad Hero and BHS fashion icon Mark E Smith, here sporting a natty purple polo neck tucked into his trousers. His missus at the time, Brix Smith, looks like a porn star version of … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing: DJ Peter Hook

Famous for pursing his lips while holding his bass guitar far too near the ground, and for having hair that looks like he is permanently driving a convertible at high speed, Hooky has recently transformed himself into the most embarrassing … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing: Tony Wilson and Paul Morley on the Tube

Tony Wilson was always the archetypal embarrassing dad in a jumper. He was a media twat, but with pretty good taste in music and interesting ideas about how to run a record label. All that has been documented elsewhere, though. … Continue reading

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