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Dad Trax: Luke Slater – Love (Loved)

Massive respect to Luke Slater for, like Richie Hawtin, having more hair now than he did in the 90s. Appropriately enough this is one of the all time classic wind in your hair techno tunes. Perhaps Mr Slater has grown … Continue reading

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Dad Trax: Baby Ford – Ford Trax

The 1988 Baby Ford album was the very first house/techno release that I ever owned. Baby Ford continues to occasionally make genius records. A more recent example would be his Chicken Store release on the best label of the noughties … Continue reading

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Dad Noise: The Hoover

The first thing to say about the hoover noise is it sounds nothing like a hoover. It was a preset called ‘WHAT THE…’ on an adequate but otherwise unremarkable synth, the Roland Alpha Juno 2 (EDIT: also on the Alpha … Continue reading

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Love Inc – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

This tune is huge. It’s made for those moments when the lighting monkey is a bit drunk and trigger happy with the smoke machine, and then forgets to turn off the strobes. Boof. Mike Ink is a bit of an … Continue reading

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Rhythmatic – Take Me Back

BASS. BLEEP. This tune still sounds like it just landed from space despite coming from Englandshire in 1990. From Network Records. For more of this peculiarly British and spooky take on house/techno music, see also early Warp tunes (most famously … Continue reading

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Dad Dancing – Rhythm Device – Acid Rock

There was a time that rock n roll was easy – but now it’s clean and heavy. Amen to that. Techno hero Frank De Wulf made this in 1989. Amazing examples of dad dancing from some serious-faced Belgians with mullets … Continue reading

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Egyptian Empire – The Horn Track (Luke Slater’s Khufu Mix)

This is one of those rare cases of a remix being as good, if not better than, the original, which was a massive rave tune from Tim Taylor in 1991. It had a dirty great amen break, a Human League … Continue reading

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Dadcast 5: Voodoo House Mix

Decided to make a CD length podcast for a change rather than a short sharp shock. Not that CDs are of much relevance anymore. Tracklist: Silver Columns – Columns A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray (Greg Wilson Edit) Superpitcher … Continue reading

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The Pump Panel – Ego Acid

Filthy Friday banger number two is this 303 techno monster from 1994. As I have said before, the acid techno genre is probably more likely than any other to produce embarrassing Techno Dad behaviour. Big fish little fish cardboard box, … Continue reading

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Robert Armani – Chicago Calling

Since it’s Friday I thought I’d share a couple of massive bangers. First up, a tune from Robert Armani’s 1995 album that has a special place in my ageing heart, as it was the first record I played in my … Continue reading

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