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Dad Dance: Total Confusion on Dance Energy, 1991

Web things like the Boiler Room are what have replaced Dance Energy now. That’s all a bit serious though. The clothes, the hair and above all the dancing were much more fun back in 1991. The key word is ‘energy’, … Continue reading

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Dadcast 11 – Indie Dads

For our latest cast of the pod, we celebrate the collision of dance music and those stupid curtain hairstyles. And a couple of songs by The Fall. You may be interested to know that Sheer Taft was from Greenock. Nobody … Continue reading

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Dad Chat: Paul Reset

As a recently anointed Techno Dad himself, DJ, producer, blogger, renowned beard wearer, label runner and all round electronic good egg Paul Reset has been doing the duties on the 1s and 2s for many years round The Hood. The … Continue reading

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Dadcast 9: Production Unit – Mature Cheddar

The day every DJ dreads has finally come: someone has asked you to play at their wedding. The question is, how do you deal with it? Some simply refuse point blank. Rude, but probably wise. Others take the plunge and … Continue reading

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SNUB TV: Boys Own

We found this Youtube clip of Terry Farley and Audrey Weatherspoon (hair by Timotei) talking about setting up the Boy’s Own label, which grew out of their football-and-acid-house fanzine around 1990. Some of these tunes are seriously dated (Weatherall sure … Continue reading

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Dad Trax: Luke Slater – Love (Loved)

Massive respect to Luke Slater for, like Richie Hawtin, having more hair now than he did in the 90s. Appropriately enough this is one of the all time classic wind in your hair techno tunes. Perhaps Mr Slater has grown … Continue reading

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Dad Trax: Genaside II – Narra Mine

Another example of the early breakbeat/jungle/reggae/rave/hiphop crossover, with a bit of wide-eyed ecstatic-idealism in the vocals, and some very dated but nice gated pads, this record from 1991 (that year again) has the distinction of containing the craziest rave MCing … Continue reading

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